scar meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scar meaning in tamil is வடு

scar meaning in tamil with example

scar tamil meaning and more example for scar will be given in tamil.
The surgeons at the Plastic surgery department in the GRH had sutured the incisions on the babys face and suggested that a scar revision surgery may be done in future but even then the scars will not go away completely. The patient will have to stay at the hospital for two days and take rest for at least a weak and the surgery will leave a scar on the face he said. A circular scar was still visible where the face tissue was attached in the 15hour operation on November 27 here in France. Whereas the humanmade disasters such as the Godhra riots and the atrocities allegedly perpetrated by the personnel of the Special Task Force on the villagers while on the trail of the forest brigand Veerappan had left deep scar on the psyche of the victims. Compared to the normal method of surgery which would take about a month for the patient to recover and would also leave a big scar apart from other difficulties faced during recuperating period microsurgery is less morbid. Redistribution may be out of fashion but converting public water subsidies for the rich into public investments for the poor accelerates progress and overcomes the glaring equity gaps that scar many countries. Repairing nerves in the central nervous system is fraught with difficulty because injuries to the brain or spine usually scar with thick tissue that prevents nerves from regrowing. EllisBehnke believes the therapy stops scar tissue forming and protects damaged nerves allowing them to regrow only in the damaged area of the brain.