scapegoat meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
scapegoat meaning in tamil is பலிக் கடா

scapegoat meaning in tamil with example

scapegoat tamil meaning and more example for scapegoat will be given in tamil.
By making the doctors a scapegoat for the death would lower the morale of all doctors and discourage them from giving medical help to people in need they added. To win support mainstream politicians felt they needed to bully the same scapegoat blamed by the far Right for the social problems arising in modern Danish society in the form of the Muslim minority. Muhammdali Valancheri said the front had been made a scapegoat in the violence between the IUML and CPIM workers in the district. Martyn was widely regarded as an unlucky scapegoat when he was dropped after a poor Ashes performance blotted an exemplary career that includes an average of 47.96 in 61 Tests. The MLA raised the issue as how one Anganwadi worker was given additional charge at two centres and later made a scapegoat in a row involving food supplies getting damaged. He said the Anganwadi worker was ignorant of the feed supplied but the project officer allegedly made her a scapegoat only to shield two supervisors. He sought the support of the Muslim League to get a safe seat when the Marxists failed to do so. In Wayanad Radha Raghavan has been made a scapegoat to ensure a winnable seat of the Muslim League for Mr. In Wayanad Radha Raghavan has been made a scapegoat to ensure a sure seat of the Muslim League for Mr. Karamat appears to have been made the scapegoat for the IndiaU.S. civilian nuclear cooperation deal. What about the service was the message as he complained about being made a scapegoat and pointed out that he was still waiting for his first decent throughball of the tournament.