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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
savings meaning in tamil is சேமிப்பு

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Apart from promoting the various savings and credit schemes of the bank the mobile vans would enrol villagers interested in participating in the training programmes offered by the Rural Training Centres. overdraft facility warehouse receiptbased financing jewel loans poultry farmer loans roaming current account savings account and insurance general and life. It would appear that the amendment to these schemes bars fresh sale of National Savings Certificates but may not bar deposits in accounts already existing whether it be for Provident Fund or for other schemes where there is a running account opened before the amendment. However even this restriction will not apply for savings certificates since the schemes do not contain any prohibition in subscriptions to the certificate from out the funds of the HUF in the name of members. But such benefit will not be available for National Savings CertificateSeries VIII Mutual Funds and the like since no purchase in the name of HUF is possible from May 14 2005. Merely because these savings schemes themselves have been discontinued in the name of HUF the benefit of deduction for HUF is not lost as long as the savings are from the resources of the HUF. 80C and not merely by shutting out unfairly the avenues of savings themselves hitherto available for the HUFs. Official sources told mediapersons that the water tanks at Mela Tiruchendur Pallipathu and Veerapandiyanpattinam were constructed at a cost of Rs 3.16 lakhs Rs 2 lakhs and Rs 2.65 lakhs using funds earmarked under the Small Savings Scheme.