savers meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
savers meaning in tamil is சேமிப்பாளர்கள்

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His supporters and fans in his constituency have saved his image as screen savers in their mobile phones. The participants are also given complementary accident insurance policy membership to Life Savers Club both valid for one year and Apollos Young Life Savers Certificate. Different types of energy savers like energyefficient lighting systems will be available for sale at the eSeva counters across the district soon said NonConventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh NEDCAP district manager M. Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday he said that the Government had made the installation of energy savers mandatory in all new office buildings industries village panchayats and municipalities to save power. Since contrary to popular belief screen savers do not save energy and startups and shutdowns do not use extra energy shutting down a computer when not in use reduces consumption and also wear and tear. Cub Tax Saver Silver scheme is for monthly savers who wish to save regularly and make lump sum deposit in March. The power bill comes down by 19.2 per cent with the installation of power savers on the VMC office premises by spending Rs. 5.99 lakhs. He says that plans are afoot to install power savers to motors at water treatment plant and to the streetlights soon.