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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
save meaning in tamil is சேமித்தல்

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Under tournament rules the third and deciding set in a mixed doubles match is an extended game to save the players who have already played singles from having to play a full third set. The Kozhikode Timber Merchants Association has submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and appealed to him to take quick remedial action to save their business from ruin. A. I dont want to save anything from my first salary I want to give them everything. She has a companion in Kavitha whose plans echo a similar goal This year I want to work hard get a good job and want to make my parents happy. Get organised. A diehard optimist Vivek also complains about the lack of political will Never before have we seen such absolute dearth of political will to save our forests and animals. Though the MCC has stated that it was committed to protect heritage structures it also reiterates that it is dutybound to save the life and property of the public who visit the market. Says Saraswathi Murugan Bestnora general secretary Each member is required to save Rs.50 every month. Less expenditure The system could be constructed within five years and will save money too. Altogether you will save time and perhaps have at least half an hour at the end of the day to be spent on some productive pastime. Scant concern He said that only resistance would help them save from displacement. And at the end of it all I think I would save about Rs 150 per day on just fuel and parking costs. The coming of the Metro has also been a godsend for many shopkeepers.