satisfaction meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
satisfaction meaning in tamil is மன நிறைவு, திருப்தி

satisfaction meaning in tamil with example

satisfaction tamil meaning and more example for satisfaction will be given in tamil.
We wish all these Servicemen the sublime satisfaction of a job well done and then a safe return home and a happy reunion with their families and friends. The consumers who buy KVIC products here would have a sense of satisfaction of having patronised rural employment. They also expressed satisfaction at the way the Madras Government were tackling the problem and rushing succour to the suffering people. The Minister did not conceal his satisfaction at having performed his brief at a press conference on Tuesday. He said he derived immense satisfaction from being involved in the efforts to secure the release of forest land for Sabarimala development. These 50 years have been a journey that has provided immense joy and satisfaction to connoisseurs of music and dance. Vadivelu said the increased number was a matter of satisfaction for the DDE as it was able to see growth despite stiff competition from various other universities. It also noted with satisfaction about the considerable success the Sanghom has had in mobilising the farming community against the antifarmer policies of the UDF Government he added. I thought to cancel the holidays but then allowed them to proceed for a couple of days because this occasion comes only once in a year and although the players would hardly get a chance to celebrate it they would still have the satisfaction of being with their families Inzamam said. The issue is whether and indicates satisfaction of two conditions or and indicates that service must be received in India.