sarcasm meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sarcasm meaning in tamil is கேலி வார்த்தை

sarcasm meaning in tamil with example

sarcasm tamil meaning and more example for sarcasm will be given in tamil.
The writer who created Budugu the Dennis the Menace of Telugu people enlivened the evening with his trademark wit and sarcasm in a written speech read out by a friend. Wellargued convincing educative 151 were some of the heartening reactions compensating the charge made of openly and publicly ridiculing readers. Another reader found the column full of sarcasm and taking a dig at readers. If he was angered at his mother who caused such embarrassment he was more hurt by the momentary sarcasm and doubt in Kausalyas speech. His wildly exaggerated world of eccentric insects and secret powers is irresistible to children while its intrinsic sarcasm and humour appeals to the adults. While being impartial is expected you are certainly not expected to belittle the efforts of the country you represent. With over 11500 hits having been recorded on the site many visitors are leaving comments dripping with sarcasm or exasperation.