sanitary meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sanitary meaning in tamil is சுகாதர

sanitary meaning in tamil with example

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Patient complains Keen to see the sanitary conditions he visited the toilets and bathrooms and then proceeded to the casualty ward. The authorities say public awareness about the link between good sanitary practices and health is low in rural areas. Ayyanna and some sanitary workers were arrested on Tuesday when they protested in front of the Kadapa Municipal Corporation office. Demanding construction of quarters for sanitary workers and provision of facilities they protested for an hour demanding a concrete assurance from Mayor P. The Mayor later told newsmen that action would be initiated for removal of sanitary workers who habitually abstained from duty and agitated over petty issues. Also to be covered are populations known to have a disproportionate share of disease burden and those living in poor sanitary conditions or difficult terrains. As all these are expected to take some time the residents around the yard feel that any further wait for things to happen will only worsen the sanitary conditions in their area because of the huge mounds of garbage that persist in the yard. 38.15 crores was utilised for carrying out 4784 works like construction of toilets in schools sinking of borewells and construction of womens sanitary complex. Total Sanitation Programme is a prestigious scheme and in three years 97723 individual toilets 1366 school toilets 330 anganwadi toilets and 63 womens sanitary complexes were built at a cost of Rs. 9.30 crores. With the assistance of Lions or Rotary Clubs all streetlights should be repaired and the sanitary complexes be cleaned thoroughly.