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Exploration mapping and speculation would be complete only by validation through sampling techniques he said. Apart from random sampling and casetocase reviews the team also conducts a training programme for call takers dispatchers doctors and over 100 each of emergency management technicians and ambulance pilots as the drivers are called. At a specially convened meeting of the State Animal Disease Emergency Committee SADEC chaired by the State Agriculture Production Commissioner it was decided on Sunday that all incoming poultry should be quarantined for sampling and testing to rule out bird flu. In each primary sampling unit household listing important for selection of households had already commenced on February 15 she said. Founded in 1950 the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble offers a brilliant sampling of Hungarian peasant music played on traditional stringed and other instruments accompanied by a solo vocalist. Earlier on Tuesday the Department of Justice said it had scaled back its demand to a random sampling of 5000 search requests and 50000 website addresses contained in the Google archive. Promising to bring Keralas fine gastronomical traditions to the Capital Spicy Heritage of Kerala will offer free food sampling and also put up a wide variety of food stalls of traditional cuisine from the State. The IAEA can also deploy environmental sampling and remote monitoring techniques to detect illicit activities. First the gap of two percentage points between the major alliances is well within the sampling error.