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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sale meaning in tamil is விற்பனை

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Boost sale Salem Collector A. This move will boost the SHG products sale in the domestic market which has high potential and remains to be tapped he said. Experimental sale Apart from that it also has decided to target children who have a diehard craving for toffees. In a report on suicides in the Singareni coal belt NHRC Special Rapporteur K.R. Venugopal slammed the Andhra Pradesh governments policy of promoting the sale of liquor which led to financial debts illnesses and domestic problems in the families of workers. High taxation and transportation costs had made the purchase of wood from Karnakata for sale in Mumbai and Pune unviable for Kallai traders. It would appear that the amendment to these schemes bars fresh sale of National Savings Certificates but may not bar deposits in accounts already existing whether it be for Provident Fund or for other schemes where there is a running account opened before the amendment. Mutual funds actually felt that ULIP sales were lucrative to insurance agents relative to the commissions paid to MF agents for sale of MF products and in that sense were already high cost products for customers relative to comparable MFs. It attributed the low growth of PSUs share in the total corporate tax paid to the fact that the oil marketing companies have been burdened with underrecoveries on the sale of petroleum products while telecom companies have also paid lesser advance tax than what they did last year. Liquor sale at the Andhra Pradesh Beverages Corporation Limited APBCL depot in the last three days showed a 100 per cent increase.