salary meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
salary meaning in tamil is ஊதியம், சம்பளம்

salary meaning in tamil with example

salary tamil meaning and more example for salary will be given in tamil.
Ahamed in a demiofficial letter to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on December 20 said the Embassy in UAE had informed the Centre that the workers of the Hospitality Catering and Services Company LLC in Al Ain had approached them on September 12 regarding pending salary for over three months. Samvedi while pointing out that this amount of money was not sufficient even for paying salary to the staff demanded that the latest orders for 10 per cent reduction be withdrawn without delay and the institutions be granted financial autonomy in accordance with the Supreme Courts directives. Gouri had not so far implemented an order of the Chief Minister that was meant to settle a monthsold agitation launched by teachers of Kerala Agrilculture University after she slashed their salary all on a sudden and ordered demotion of a few others. For Usha another student who has been placed in Infosys the New Year means a new job and spending all the salary on buying gifts for parents. The Collector said that arrangements were being made for payment of salary to teachers who appeared for counselling and got transfer orders but could not join duty for want of vacancy at the other end. Government officials who solely depend on their salary form the major part of the telephone subscribers. The UGC had allocated Rs.30 lakhs to the department to start the course including meeting expenditure towards payment of salary for a fulltime teacher and purchase of electronic equipment. The workers alleged that they had been paid paltry amount as salary by the management and sought immediate intervention of the Labour Department in the matter.