sailor meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sailor meaning in tamil is கடலோடி, மாலுமி

sailor meaning in tamil with example

sailor tamil meaning and more example for sailor will be given in tamil.
He said that the worldfamous plastic surgeon Sailor of Switzerland will help the GSR Hospitals in doing cleft lip surgeries. Another sailor was injured as a result of the terrorist blast. Two civilians were killed in the Weli Oya region. He clutches my hand like a drowning sailor when I take my leave but the next day his smile is as brilliant as ever as he waves our departing bus goodbye. One sailor was reported missing while eight were rescued from a fishing trawler Selvamatha which capsized in the sea off Vasco in South Goa on Tuesday. The official also said that helicopter sorties to trace a missing sailor from the Keralabased trawler Selvamath which capsized off the Goa coast on Tuesday also did not meet with success. The sentenced persons were apparently involved in beating to death Sudheer Nonia Jagannathan a sailor on board the ship that was coming from the New Mangalore Port and was to dock at the Fujairah Port. As per naval traditions Commodore Lucose along with the junior most sailor of the establishment Pradeep Kumar Writer II cut the cake to celebrate. The 41yearold sailor from Mysore is on a cycle expedition and is now in the temple town having covered some 500 km. The military said a sailor was killed during an exchange of fire near a mosque in Mannar town in the morning and accused the Tamil cadre of a deliberate attempt to provoke the security forces near the religious place. A British sailor Penny sporting the garland given to her on arrival said she was happy to be in India and loved the smell of the flowers.