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The sages performed penance there and Indra became afraid of Bhrigus intense meditation and sent a heavenly maiden to disturb his concentration. Janardhana Rao is writing a book Rebirth Mother India and Sages Envision a New Nation in which he wants to explain how the country could utilise its culture and essence of Vedas and other great scriptures for development. Great seers and sages have attained the Lord either through severe penance or intuitive perception or scholarship. They accepted the hospitality of the sages living there and performed austerities at this hallowed place. She questioned why He promised the sages that He would kill the Rakshasas when they bore no enmity towards Him. It is said the kshetra was founded by the great sage Doorvasa and the sages Agastya Parasara Srichakra and Nandiswara visited it. The sages of the Upanishads discuss the mystic and philosophical truths related to mysteries like Who is the knower What makes my mind think Does life have a purpose or is it governed by chance etc. Once in the assembly of the celestials sages and learned scholars when all those present except Brahma and Shiva rose to greet him Daksha noticed this and became furious that Shiva being his soninlaw did not show the respect due to him. This is fully exemplified in the lives of sages and saints the Azhwars and the Nayanmars who have given expression to the unique ways in which they have felt the divine presence and interaction. Stressing the need for expanding the network of these humanitarian services General Rodrigues reminded that the gurus saints and sages had always emphasised to serve the needy.