sage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sage meaning in tamil is அறிவாளி

sage meaning in tamil with example

sage tamil meaning and more example for sage will be given in tamil.
LIFE IS a good but under certain circumstances it is the clearest duty to sacrifice it for a higher good. As the Chinese sage Mencius says I desire life. Chennaiah 65 died of a massive heart attack on stage while enacting the role of sage Viswamitra in the mythological play Harischandra at Kadapa Kalakshetram late on Monday night. Tradition relates that he was born in the holy abode of Mahisara kshetra presently known as Tirumazhisai as the offspring of Sage Bhrigu. In his discourse on the Yoga Vasishta which is in the form of a dialogue between Sage Vasishta and Rama Sri Mani Dravid Sastrigal said mans worldly identity was an amalgamation of the Self and the ego and they were not apparent to experience distinctly. It is this truth that Sage Yajnavalkya taught his wife Maitreyi when he said Not indeed for the love of all is all dear. The Lord mentioned Janaka because he was a great man of wisdom Jnani who had been taught the truth by Sage Yajnavalkya yet he was a Karma yogi who continued to rule his kingdom with detachment as duty. Prabhakara Rao said that Sri Purandara Dasa was considered an incarnation of the celestial sage Narada and the father of Carnatic music. My father Mike Thornton a Scottish referee and Davis Sage Wales coach helped me develop my technique and footwork. Against Martin James didnt curb his attacking instincts. In his discourse Sri N.V.Devi Prasad said the Bhagavata Purana resulted from Sage Veda Vyasas depression. It is apt here to recall Sage Yajnavalkyas teaching to his wife Maitreyi Not indeed for the love of a husband is the husband dear but for the love of the Self is the husband dear. As the Supreme Being is the abode of eternal bliss all beings experienced bliss in the presence of Rama.