sagacity meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sagacity meaning in tamil is சாமர்த்தியம், புத்திசாதுரியம்

sagacity meaning in tamil with example

sagacity tamil meaning and more example for sagacity will be given in tamil.
At the end of the day it is our problem... The future will depend on the sagacity of the decisions we make today. The requisites for success are physical stamina and skill to accomplish the task intelligence and sagacity of mind to surmount the obstacles that arise. Karunanidhi has shown great sagacity in asking the councillors elected from 99 wards to the Chennai Corporation in October to resign 98 of them have resigned. Yadav on Friday he said With your vast political experience and sagacity you have vanquished the evil designs of your opponent who desperately tried to unseat your Government. The need of the hour is political wisdom and sagacity on the part of the States concerned which will further strengthen our national unity and integrity. Neither the Congress nor the PDP has demonstrated the intellectual resources and the political sagacity needed to give real meaning to their political positions.