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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
safe meaning in tamil is பாதுகாப்பானது, பத்திரமான

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The intelligent components can readily respond to ensure safety help maintain safe distance from the forerunning vehicle prevent accidents ensure fuel efficiency control tailpipe emissions communicate status of the vehicle and potential preventive options to the driver said K. The Bureau of Indian Standards BIS which oversees its implementation has come out with a revised NBC2005 a more comprehensive set of construction rules making provision for safe design and construction of buildings against natural disasters. These include additional water tanks smoke detectors sprinklers fire extinguishers escape routes and the likes to make the structure reasonably safe for occupants. During this period all drivers will be given tips on safe driving habits lane discipline traffic rules and other precautions to be followed. Eminent persons from different fields would be invited to address the drivers on the need for safe driving according to C. Guwahati The Assam Government on Sunday announced a twoweek safe passage from January 7 till 20 to the United Liberation Front of Asom ULFA cadres to enable them to visit their families during Magh Bihu postharvest festival in the State. We wish all these Servicemen the sublime satisfaction of a job well done and then a safe return home and a happy reunion with their families and friends. Ban on student politics and the Governments policies of encouraging commercialisation of education had led to a state wherein girl students were not safe within their own college campuses the SFI alleged.