safari meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
safari meaning in tamil is குறிப்பாக தென் ஆபிரிக்கா வனப் பயணம்

safari meaning in tamil with example

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An elephant safari and horse rides do provide a break from the monotony to a visitor but thats not just enough. The forest department personnel and volunteers will be engaged in the census exercise and will also conduct prey density estimation and hence the restriction on safari and other tourismrelated activities. A participant with his poweredhang glider at the safari held at the Jakkur Air Field in Bangalore on Friday to mark the 102nd anniversary of Wright brothers first flight. The three have decided to travel in a Tata Safari Ex an all Indian creation. The Falcon team said that it will print a travelogue and put it on the Internet. The Central Zoo authority CZA has already given conditional clearance to the lion safari and it will be set up in the 150hectare Fischer forest in the district officials said. The CZA has given conditional clearance for setting up lion safari in Etawah and with the Supreme Court clearance required for setting up a new zoo in the country also expected later this week work on it would begin soon Principal Chief Conservator Forests B. K. Ahsan said talks had already been initiated to procure five to seven lions for the safari project and said it is expected to be operational in a years time. The federations demands include immediate sanction of increment with promotion payment of salary on the first of every month and revised minimum wages for safari karmacharis. This will also give him time to recover fully from the rib injury sustained in a quad bike desert safari accident in Qatar.