sacrifice meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sacrifice meaning in tamil is தியாகம் செய்

sacrifice meaning in tamil with example

sacrifice tamil meaning and more example for sacrifice will be given in tamil.
Too many modern stars believe courtesy cars presidential suites million dollar paydays are their birthright but it was all built on the sacrifice of their predecessors who played for nothing and fought for a better deal. LIFE IS a good but under certain circumstances it is the clearest duty to sacrifice it for a higher good. As the Chinese sage Mencius says I desire life. The concept of ahimsa and sacrifice always contributed to social harmony and played a pivotal role in aiding peaceful coexistence in modern society. Nallakannau State Secretary Communist Party of India and received by Gandhiyan Nadarajan. T.N. Sukhi Sivam a Tamil scholar who spoke on the occasion said that the book spoke much of sacrifice and concern for human misery. Why should we sacrifice our precious soil to bury some other countrys junk To a question on the Gujarat Pollution Control Boards position that it was capable of handling the hazardous wastes Dr. Once he dreamt as if commanded by God he was ready even to sacrifice his only son Hazrat Ismail Ishmael who was also all the more willing to give up his life as per divine order. Lakhera said Bakrid illustrates the spirit of selflessness compassion sacrifice and brotherhood. He called upon the people to rededicate themselves to promoting universal brotherhood and compassion and care for the needy. Since they might also have to ask their soldiers to sacrifice their lives they must be assured that a war is just legal and the last resort available. Valiya Perunnaal which honours Prophet Ibrahims absolute surrender to God by agreeing to sacrifice his only son Ismayils life 4000 years ago was celebrated by over eight million Muslims in the State on Tuesday.