ruthless meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ruthless meaning in tamil is கருணை இல்லாத

ruthless meaning in tamil with example

ruthless tamil meaning and more example for ruthless will be given in tamil.
Though he appeared as a pious person to his acquaintances he was considered a ruthless criminal by the police. The Minister replied that the Government had to be ruthless because there were a staggering 10000 footpath vendors. In addition they have unleashed a ruthless campaign against those who oppose them and support the state as evident in the violence against tribals supporting the Salwa Judum peace initiative in Chhattisgarh. What is being implemented is a calculated meticulous and ruthless project to criminalise legitimate political dissent and to destroy the power of major institutions of state 151 Parliament included 151 to restrain the executive and the actions of its officials. Holed up in the Vanni the Tamil leadership believes the international community will ignore its ruthless terrorist record its recruitment of child soldiers and its intolerance of dissent and democracy and above all recognise it as a legitimate force fighting for Tamil rights. As the response to the latest developments indicates the world recognises the Tamil for what it is 151 a ruthless terrorist organisation. The ruthless killing of a black woman and a white child she was caring for prompted nationwide concern on Friday that it was part of a wider trend of racist violence. The all important economy portfolio has been given to a former member of the European central Bank Tommaso PadoaSchioppa known to be a ruthless and efficient manager. Palanivel Rajan who was endowed with ruthless honesty a matteroffact outlook and downtoearth approach to issues had a dream of developing not only his constituency but the entire Madurai and the south.