rural meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rural meaning in tamil is ஊராட்சி, நாட்டுப்புறம்

rural meaning in tamil with example

rural tamil meaning and more example for rural will be given in tamil.
The District Rural Development Agency had constructed commercial complexes in Dindigul Kodaikanal Sanarpatti and Palani at a cost of Rs.74 lakhs for this purpose said Collector S. The main objective of the DRIP is creation of sustainable employment opportunities in rural areas through enhanced credit flow to nonfarm sector with complementary financial and nonfinancial promotional support. Most of the highgrowth rural nonfarm sector activities in the district are found functioning on cluster basis confined to the particular areas and particular community. Coconutbased handicrafts cluster under the Centrally sponsored National Programme for Rural Industrialisation is one of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Developmentinitiated 55 Cluster Development Programmes in the country covering 17 States. Encouraged by the success achieved in the pilot districts and keeping in view the overwhelming support received from the project partners in development of nonfarm sector the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development has extended the project to cover more district in phases. India seems to be shining only in the cities and there has been little development in rural areas he said. He said that while using his powers vested under Section 7 of the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Act he ordered for a rectification in the counting of votes. First instalment disbursed The Collector also disbursed a sum of Rs.60000 as a first instalment to him during the launching of District Rural Industries Project here on Wednesday.