runaway meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
runaway meaning in tamil is ஓடிப்போன

runaway meaning in tamil with example

runaway tamil meaning and more example for runaway will be given in tamil.
WHEN THE former Argentinian soccer ace Diego Maradona suffered a heart attack last year few believed he could survive a condition brought on by his recurrent cocaine habit and a runaway weight problem. Today even if poverty and unemployment rates remain worrying and inflation doubled to 12 per cent last year on the streets of Buenos Aires glum faces and empty pockets have been replaced by broad smiles and runaway spending boosted by healthy investment and a surge in tax receipts. The entire year was dogged by poor economic performance persistently high unemployment figures and a runaway public deficit well above the European Unions prescribed levels. After Topalovs runaway victory in the World Championship in San Luis Argentina last October and his subsequent crossing of the 2800point barrier the chess world has keenly awaited this mega event. In 1998 when we hit upon the idea of training students for the burgeoning IT job market we did not anticipate such a runaway success. There is no question that Googles ad system is still a runaway success but with click fraud on the radar it is a good time to be exploring new revenue streams. Bala Tejassu a rehabilitation centre run for street children and urchins has restored a runaway boy to his parents. Fresh from the runaway success of his Rajamanikyam Shahid will hope to repeat the magic in Pachakuthira. In the ideal Indian context the need for countervailing institutional force suggests itself when a political party commands a runaway majority in the Lok Sabha when the Opposition is weak and fragile or power gets centralised in the Union Government.