rule meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rule meaning in tamil is ஆட்சி செய்தல்

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rule tamil meaning and more example for rule will be given in tamil.
Chopra new PTI Chairman Verdict on migration rule in civil services reserved Management member of resort held Orissa pays Rs. 59.5 Ashwin Rao 1 Madam Marina 61 Suraj Narredu 2 Rule The Fashion 54.5 Vivek 3 and Royal Brackla 57.5 Appu 4. The mapping of essential actions as envisaged in the guidelines does not rule out scope for flexibility and further adaptation by the States and districts. The rule also said that if there were to be an interruption of more than 20 minutes there has to be a rematch. Goa culture Goa has a different culture since it was under colonial rule for long. With road accidents and traffic rule violations becoming a regular feature the city police have decided to provide additional manpower to the traffic police wing in a bid to check violations and reduce the accident rate. On observation we find to every rule of positive law there are exceptions based either directly upon a precept of natural law or upon the presence of higher equities. They should also be exempted as those run by minority communities were from the provisions of Rule 30 of Chapter XII of the KER the resolution said. They will not allow rule of the land to prevail and that is the reason they are so vocal on the issue of demolitions a senior official remarked. An enquiry is being held into the riding of jockey Vivek on Rule The Fashion in the Star Contender Plate. He would not rule out the possibility of this campaign now triggered with the limited purpose taking a twist in the days to come.