ruins meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ruins meaning in tamil is சிதையல்

ruins meaning in tamil with example

ruins tamil meaning and more example for ruins will be given in tamil.
Double standard The slogan on TASMAC wine shop boards Alcohol ruins the country home and health should be removed as the Government undertakes the sale of alcohol. Contemporary writers should mainly focus on peoples woes in their works he said while speaking after release of the 277th issue of Prajasahithi monthly focussing on rural life in ruins farmers movement at a literary seminar Oka Roju Sahithyam Kosam here. Education and healthcare had been made inaccessible to the poor he said adding that law and order situation was in ruins as mafia gangs were at large he said. Rajavelu explored the area and found the ruins of a Buddhist temple close to the Agatheeswarar temple. So rich is the Capitals history that even outside this Old Delhi one finds myriad monuments and ruins that date back to the preChrist era. Stating that Afghanistan had lost infrastructure due to civil war the Mayor said We are building virtually a new nation out of the ruins of the old. Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a city dating back to the Harappan civilisation at Farmana Khas about 12 km from Meham on the Julana road in Haryana. So far towns dating back to this civilisation 151 Banawali Bhirdana 151 and the village of Kunal have been unearthed in Haryana but this is the first time that the ruins of a city have been discovered. The spokesperson said the discovery known as Daksh Khera was spread over an area of 32 acres and the ruins were under a threemetre hillock. Tonight we stand on the ruins of an ancient city that was the capital of an Indian kingdom thousands of years ago.