rugged meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rugged meaning in tamil is முரட்டுத்தனமான

rugged meaning in tamil with example

rugged tamil meaning and more example for rugged will be given in tamil.
Addressing the gathering Yamaha Motors Regional Manager Naveen said that the stylish and rugged New Crux motorbike comes with an extended warranty of five years or up to 70000 kilometres. The 106 cc bike would give an assured mileage of 70 kmpl on road and 91 kmpl under standard conditions. A man from the rugged mountains up north Shahid Afridi has this air of nonchalance about him some call it arrogance some others selfbelief. The new motorcycle is fitted with a rider switch to regulate the movement of the vehicle on rugged roads. Beyond the musicians rugged looks the rhythms of his magical melodies transformed the buss mundane interiors. Clad in rugged jeans lovely georgettes and breezy chiffons they used their imagination and intelligence to make sure that the nearly 250 participants who had descended on the venue from 83 different pharmacy colleges in the State had loads of fun. A rugged plant Jatropha could withstand any amount of water stress by shedding the leaves during dry months and resuming shoots in wet months. It is necessary to ensure hygienic processing rugged packaging guaranteed quality and standardisation of products. Located on rugged terrain in Sullia Yenmoor saw a bitterly fought war between its chieftain and that of Panja between 1640 and 1646. The couple remembered climbing up and down the rugged crater for a view of a larger and engaged crowd. The nation has to progress quickly and it could do so only by united effort. The Prime Minister arrived in Gokak after an 80minute drive through rugged mountainous region.