rude meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rude meaning in tamil is பண்பாடு இல்லாத

rude meaning in tamil with example

rude tamil meaning and more example for rude will be given in tamil.
Station masters and the loco running staff in Chennai division had a rude shock on Friday night when their wireless sets allegedly picked up conversation between Sri Lankan militants. This rude indifference could perhaps be explained away by touting the Sangh Parivars makebelieve axiom that the organisation took precedence over individuals. The tank has filled up to 70 per cent of its capacity which has come as a surprise for many and a rude shock for some who had brushed it aside as no longer fit for water storage. THE YEAR 2005 was one of rude awakening for France and an annus horribilis for its President Jacques Chirac. Dear friend Shukur was the colonys association secretary and his demise was a rude jolt to the residents. The announcement came as a rude shock to the already agitating employees who had been protesting in various forms since the management shut down its two furnaces and declared 40 per cent lay off on October 1 last year. This according to the Tamil Nadu Asiriyar Kootani Tamil Nadu Teachers Association had come as a rude shock to the teachers. Bedes Higher Secondary School on Santhome High Road who came from near and far for their usual annual gettogether were in for a rude surprise on Thursday morning. Rude shock The comeuppance was a rude shock for cricket fans in India who are now baying for the blood of the entire eleven. The district administration which has made elaborate arrangements for the programme received a rude shock as the Chief Minster refused to address the villagers from the stage set far away from the people.