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A heap of rubble left after completion of a drain work remains a traffic hazard at HB Colony at Visakhapatnam. At several places one finds mounds of earth heaps of rubble or blocks of concrete left at the site without being removed. In the picture is a heap of rubble that divides a newly laid drain work from the rest of the road at the Housing Board Colony. Some of those missing might have been washed into Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans or their bodies remained in the rubble that blanketed the city. Heaps of rubble and other waste material being dumped during the construction of the Kozhencherry bridge had been altering the natural flow of the river for the past several years leading to heavy sand erosion in the area. Shanoofs house with a large hole that had been blasted through his roof and rubble scattered inside. Iraqis have suffered immensely over recent years first from the Wests support for a despotic dictatorship then from 13 years of sanctions that ravaged the country and finally from a war and occupation that reduced a onceaffluent country and its highlyeducated people to rubble and dust. The dam having a length of 1200 feet and a height of 176 feet was made of uncoursed rubble masonry in lime mortar on the front and rear faces. At least 10 persons including four children were crushed to death and several others feared trapped under the rubble when a dilapidated private school building collapsed during removal of encroachments at Mannur in Rajampet Municipality limits on Sunday.