rubbish meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rubbish meaning in tamil is குப்பை

rubbish meaning in tamil with example

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I who am 80 have to wend my way through a narrow path ring by stones and rubbish with slush on either side. In another accident Koyya Venkatarao who was sleeping in the varandah of a choultry in Seethampet met a tragic death when a quarry lorry lost control and hit an electric pole and overturned hitting the choultry wall throwing the one tonne weight rubbish on him in the early hours of Tuesday. Batting captains often rubbish bowlers when they struggle on dead wickets and its something that can crush a young bowlers confidence. The written reply given to the members put the total length of blacktopped roads in all the divisions at 280 km cement roads of the same length 44 km of metal roads and 83 km of kutcha and rubbish roads. All retail outlets have been told not to throw away the litter and feed into the rubbish bins but to bury them in appropriate places. The sanitation staff got another dressing down when he saw construction debris and garbage near the rubbish bins at Patelnagar. Part of the skull and one antler of a black buck that died at the city zoo on March 19 were found in a rubbish heap inside the zoo on Friday. Heaps of rubbish on roadsides lie uncleared for days together at several parts in the city posing serious health hazard. Once that is done then the rest just follows. At Sreevatsa each home is provided with one green bin and a red one to motivate people to segregate their rubbish at source. Some visitors will eventually make their way to your backyard and find the uncleared rubbish heap there.