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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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The winners would be rewarded suitably in their academic activities said school chairman B Ramana Rao. Two persons were rewarded for cooperating with the police in traffic regulation and prevention of crime. The organisers rewarded all participants of the first round with an exclusive childrens planner My Big Book. The event which aimed at encouraging creativity and sharpening aesthetic sensibilities offered prizes and gift hampers for winners. Rewarded The SP has rewarded the 14member team of police led by the CI of RC Puram J. And Zaheer Khan getting to operate with the second new ball after a lone over from Dhoni bowled in the right areas and was rewarded right at the end of the innings. He even rewarded attempts that kept the audience entertained with Rs.250 no matter how off the mark the answers were. Most of the new Ministers it seems have been rewarded for nothing other than loyalty to 10 Janpath and sycophancy. Although she can be deemed to have been rewarded for seven long years of organisational work she can be relied upon to play her role as the watchdog of Congress interests in the Union Cabinet. The party top brass is trying to accommodate all the deserving candidates who ought to be rewarded for bringing the party to the threshold of power. Those who once trained guns on Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi were now getting rewarded with plum positions in the Congress he said. Kumaraswamy during the political crisis a few days ago are expected to be rewarded with ministerial berths.