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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
revolve meaning in tamil is சுற்று

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As a social issue the Commissions recommendations came to revolve around two major contentious points backlog in Backward Class representation in Government services and the need to ensure fair representation for various sections in future. And much of the home teams strategy would revolve on the fitness of captain InzamamulHaq and pace spearhead Shoaib Akhtar. Few years ago the game plan would be for Sachin to play his aggressive shots and the rest would revolve around. Weve reposed confidence in his Inzamams captaincy as we feel he has done a good job with the team and the boys revolve around him. The discussions revolve around four major issues a Whether fresh faces need to be fielded to overcome the antiincumbency factor against individual MLAs especially those who have been around for more than two terms b how far should the party go to accommodate those MLAs who did not join Mr. We must hope this election will revolve round issues that matter for the allround development of the State and its place in the Indian sun 151 and for the welfare of the masses of its people. The other films being screened at the festival revolve round the themes of popular media identity and violence against women. Discussions and training in the workshop will revolve around the laws pertaining to womens rights she said. In future also it will continue to revolve round the citizen he said in reference to his decision to enter politics. Even though the deadlock appears to be on the issue of the terms of the DICKs return to the parent party hard bargaining would revolve around the number of seats that would be allocated to the DICK.