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It was neither a fiction nor a poetry book but the life history of two Gandhians who revolutionised the lives of thousands of farm labourers in Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts. Though his familys textile business founded by his grandfather Rm.K. Viswanatha Pillai 80 years ago had earned the goodwill of people in the southern districts and in Kerala he revolutionised the art of silk sari weaving. Presiding over the function Shankaranna Munavalli president of the Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the last decade has revolutionised the legal service sector with the greatest legal impact on corporate legal arena. Bone marrow transplantation has revolutionised the treatment of many diseases which were hitherto incurable. It is a matter of great shame and anguish that a man who made such a significant contribution to the cooperative movement and revolutionised the dairy scene in India at a time when supply of milk was scarce should have been treated thus. Individual brilliance Reminding that the country is never short of inspiration by pointing to the achievements of individuals like chess wizard Vishwanathan Anand who revolutionised the sport. It was called the AppleII and it revolutionised the business which came to be known as personal computing. Tracing the growth of the animation industry he says The Industrial Light and Magic ILM Company Hollywood had revolutionised the use of graphics and 3D animation in a big way for its Star Wars. Isaac was the moving spirit behind Peoples Plan Campaign 19962001 that revolutionised local governance in Kerala.