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The Union budget proposal to apportion Rs.5 crores for the preservation revitalisation and dissemination of traditional art forms including Koodiyattom has come as a morale booster to the activists of Margi who have been instrumental in getting UNESCO designation for the art form in 2001. The Finance Minister has announced a reduction in the interest on shortterm loans to 7 per cent this should be regarded as the first step in a series of measures including the revitalisation of the cooperative credit system. It was also decided that 50 acres of land owned by TELK would be transferred to the Kerala Industrial Revitalisation Fund KIRF Board in lieu of the money owed by TELK to the Board. Chidambaram said that the package was decided upon at the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers convened by him in pursuance of the objective of facilitating the revitalisation of the sick banks. 151 Staff Reporter Keltron Day Thiruvananthapuram Industries Minister Elamaram Karim said the revitalisation of Keltron was one of the top most priorities of the Government. The threeyear project sponsored by Ministry of Rural Development envisages revival and revitalisation of dying folk arts towards a sustainable livelihood. In a way it is revitalisation of the area which decades ago used to be the nerve centre of Dutch French and British rules. Under the leadership of President Mwanawasa the Zambian people have in recent years made impressive achievements in economic revitalisation and national development and played an active role in African and international affairs he said.