revise meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
revise meaning in tamil is திருத்தம் செய், படித்ததைத் திருப்பிப்பார்

revise meaning in tamil with example

revise tamil meaning and more example for revise will be given in tamil.
Lee directed the Registration Officer to revise the registers of electors and complete the process on or before February 28. Ramdas former MLA from Krishnaraja Assembly constituency for the meeting though more than 2800 people had submitted their objections to the proposed move to revise property guideline values. As the prices of raw materials had increased the contractors hesitated to bid for the works and demanded the civic administration to revise the schedule of rates for raw materials. It said the authorities had refused to revise the rates for the contract after the cost exceeded the estimate. Balakrishnan though 114 out of 125 urban banks were running on profit the Government was not ready to revise their wages. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research proposes to revise the syllabus for agriculture courses offered in various agricultural universities and colleges to make it focus on commercial agriculture and entrepreneurship. Also in view of the lack of uniformity in VAT rates for feminine and infant FMCG products the chamber has urged the empowered panel to revise the rates and if need be exempt these products from VAT regime in line with CENVAT exemption. Due to changes in many sectors there is a need for academic institutions to revise the syllabus of courses. The University of Madras was planning to revise its curriculum from the current academic year and introduce social orientation education ViceChancellor S.P. Thyagarajan said. CPI city secretary Koraganji Sekhar Babu found fault with the Governments argument that it was forced to revise the fares due to hike in diesel price.