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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reverence meaning in tamil is வணங்குதற்குரிய

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reverence tamil meaning and more example for reverence will be given in tamil.
The current leadership of the RSS does not inspire the same reverence and awe as did figures like Golwalkar and Deoras. You cannot find reverence in the act of many of them as they have limited themselves to pomp and show he said. Women of Sholavandan took out a mulaipaari rally on Wednesday to reiterate the reverence for water and stress the importance of protecting water resources. Recognising each and every thought wave in the minds of the people who were dazed by this unbelievable display of reverence to a Siva yogi the Lord revealed Himself restored the locks of the bride and graced the couple and the family. Nazareth said he wanted to write the book after realising that people in various countries in the higher levels of governance had great reverence for Gandhiji. If the people really want to show reverence to a great personality they should do so by peaceful means. I bow my head in gratitude and reverence to the NBA for showing that issues of development can be fought peacefully. Sarma recalled how devotees across the globe had an attachment to TirumalaTirupati and how the temple enjoyed a place of reverence in their hearts. Titled Kaalibaata Mahotsavam the event was meant to show to the present generation the extreme reverence and sentimental value the devotees attach to undertaking a holy trek to the hills in fulfilment of a vow or in anticipation of prosperity. He says Buddhists in China hold India in reverence but few ordinary Chinese can afford to make the trip there.