revere meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
revere meaning in tamil is போற்று, துதி

revere meaning in tamil with example

revere tamil meaning and more example for revere will be given in tamil.
The Puranic tradition has foretold the birth of mystics on the banks of the holy rivers in the southern region of this country Dravida desa and hagiological literature revere the mystic saints Azhwars as such saviours born to redeem humanity from bondage. In Thailand the people revere King Bhumibol Adulyatej and he protects this status by a studied policy of noninterference in the daytoday politics of his country. They claim they had gone towards her statue to prostrate themselves in front of it because Sainiks revere her as they would their mother. Scholars around the world revere the Sufi saints writings and he also occupies a place among the famous Urdu poets of that period. Ahimsa which is the essence of Indian culture and philosophy enjoining upon us to revere all life now lies shattered they said.