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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
retire meaning in tamil is பணிஓய்வு, ஓய்வெடு

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Keshav Perumal won the singles title in the 65 plus age group when his opponent S.K. Rednam had to retire hurt after the score read 20 in the fist set. The draw was held to decide who would have a sixyear term and who would retire at the end of their three year tenure. When the Senate was revived after the October 2002 general election the provincial assemblies had to elect the members afresh on the understanding that 50 per cent of them would retire at the end of three years. I would rather prefer to retire from politics than join the unholy coalition government the new government that Mr. Kumaraswamy has made it clear that he prefers to retire from politics than joining the Cabinet headed by the latter. I feel that the time is right for me to retire from international cricket said Cairns the Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 2000. The Government said the aim was to improve the benefits of personnel below officer rank PBOR who constitute the bulk of the armed forces and have to retire at a relatively young age. The better emoluments come in the wake of studies revealing that soldiers retire ahead of their time and die before their civilian counterparts. In the reckoning of the Association of Kerala Government College Teachers AKGCT there are as many as 553 vacancies of college lecturers in the State today and the number would go up to 700 in 39 Government colleges alone once around 150 teachers retire from service in March. Those who will retire from office are Union Minister Dasari Narayan Rao and Rashid Alvi both Congress and K.