retention meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
retention meaning in tamil is நினைவாற்றல்

retention meaning in tamil with example

retention tamil meaning and more example for retention will be given in tamil.
As discharge of reject water would be a continuous process without any retention in the plant the possibility of development of sludge is extremely rare almost negligible. The company furnished to the Ministry the resume of experts hired to conduct the studies. The chop and change exercise is the more intriguing for the retention of heavyweight portfolios by Ministers with an undistinguished record. A case in point is the retention of the Law portfolio by H.R. Bhardwaj whose chief contribution to good governance has been secretly to help Ottavio Quattrocchi get his bank accounts frozen in the Bofors case freed. Scarce options in the seam bowling department is the chief reason for the retention of Zaheer Khan and the recall of Sreesanth. He also claimed that the Commissioner of Municipal Administration had written to the Secretary Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department that the retention of the present bus stand with some modifications would suffice. If this is not feasible at least a written guarantee should be given for the retention of the employees. The attraction and retention of top Indian technical talent has been a major driver in establishing STI and the company aims to grow to over 1000 people as quickly as the business will allow. The employees are demanding the rescinding of the decision to privatise nationalised bus routes the retention of the KSRTC in the public sector immediate disbursal of DA arrears salary revision and interim relief. The GRI Professor M.A. Sudhir said bad working and living conditions retention of travel documents health problems lack of legal awareness problems arising out of ethnic and religious differences were major issues of migrant workers.