retaliation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
retaliation meaning in tamil is எதிர்தாக்குதல்

retaliation meaning in tamil with example

retaliation tamil meaning and more example for retaliation will be given in tamil.
Iqbal said that Vinods murder was in retaliation to the two attempts made on Sureshs life by a rival gang owing allegiance to Aprani Krishnakumar. Later it extended operations to suicide attacks against civilians justifying them as retaliation for the killing of Palestinian civilians. The killing of Roshan an accused in the murder of advocate Shammi Iqbal a few months back is said to be in retaliation for an attack on Mallu by Roshan and his friends including Vishal son of a head constable. Authorities here believe that the militant now under ISA arrest was plotting retaliation for the citystates proactive detection of the very existence of Jemaah Islamiyah. Hariprasad resented the threat of Congress municipal corporators to protest before political party offices in retaliation to allparty committee dharna before the Municipal Corporation office demanding proper rehabilitation of those being rendered homeless. The movement which claims to be fighting for a greater local share of Nigerias oil wealth said Saturdays attacks were in retaliation for assaults this week by military helicopters. P.V.S.R Sarma Machilipatnam A.P. Why should public property in Hyderabad be destroyed in retaliation for blasphemy in Europe. Over 100 women laid siege to the Tukaram Gate police station on Sunday morning demanding the release of eight people who were arrested for levelling houses belonging to their opponents in retaliation to a murder. Nor were Shia Muslims living in Leh targeted in retaliation for the attacks on Buddhist homes in Bodh Kharbu.