restoration meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
restoration meaning in tamil is மறுசீரமைப்பு

restoration meaning in tamil with example

restoration tamil meaning and more example for restoration will be given in tamil.
Chandragiri MLA Galla Arunakumari joined the villagers in their celebrations on Friday and performed Gangapuja. She directed irrigation officials to prepare an estimate for the temporary restoration of the tank. The restoration of Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion is a standing example of how a classical structure could be restored using the same construction materials as in the original structure. The transformation of this water body from a dead lake to one thriving with winged beauties was made possible by the Mysore zoo which took up restoration of the lake and cleared encroachments along the feeder channels that fed fresh water to the lake during the rainy season. Azad has asked officials to mobilise all available resources for quick snow clearance and restoration of traffic power and water supply besides effective drainage. Were the monarch a wellintentioned ruler as he regularly claims to be he would have surely seen the ceasefire as an opportunity to start exploring a peaceful political route to the restoration of Nepals multiparty democracy. Divisional Railway Manager J.N. Jagannadh rushed to the accident spot and supervised the restoration work. To start with the 4th unit of the 240MW capacity hydel station was synchronised after restoration of the controlrelay panels and switchboards. Cosmetic surgery involved restoration of deformed body parts or concealment of scars that marred the different parts of the body. Captain Kini director of KIOCL explained the problems being faced by the workers and said the company had appealed to the Supreme Court to grant four years time to undertake restoration of the mined area as the soil will get washed away during monsoon and join the Bhadra.