resentment meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
resentment meaning in tamil is கோபம்

resentment meaning in tamil with example

resentment tamil meaning and more example for resentment will be given in tamil.
He cautioned India against going the way of Brazil where the high growth rates some decades ago led to an increase in inequality and resentment and the Government resorting to populist policies. N. Such is the mistrust that has been generated among MLAs and other elected representatives that they have now decided to approach the AICC leaders to convey their strong resentment over the rivals actions. The violence on the train had left many medicos seriously injured and triggered wideranging resentment in the medical fraternity. Protestors expressed resentment at the decision which affected the only postretirement security available to workers resulting in a loss of lakhs of rupees to them. Admitting that there was resentment among the people against the UDF she said that the Government was yet to tackle the problems plaguing the industrial and agriculture sectors. Gandhi said people came out to express their resentment on the divisive politics of the BJP and their opposition to the elitist economic policies. With resentment brewing among residents across the Capital MCD officials are in a fix on how to implement the court orders. On the one hand people are agitating that the MCD was still not targeting the big fish as ordered by the court on the other resentment is brewing in around 140odd villages that fall under Lal Dora area as they fear largescale action in their localities after the recent court order. There was resentment even among the various Muslim organisations the SNDP Yogam general secretary said.