reprisal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reprisal meaning in tamil is பதிலடி

reprisal meaning in tamil with example

reprisal tamil meaning and more example for reprisal will be given in tamil.
Tarigamis nephew and injured a CPI M worker in apparent reprisal attacks for the politicians opposition to Islamists in the State. Ahmad whose networks recruited Gul spent several years in jail for his role in the killing of Additional Superintendent of Police Krishna Prasad in a reprisal for the massive communal violence that rocked Hyderabad in 1990. The JKLF leaders decision to share a platform with the Lashkar a move intended to protect his person from reprisal if the JKLF publicly engages New Delhi violated the law. The purpose of the attacks was to provoke a retaliation from the CPIM and use such a reprisal for mobilising people communally. Many terrorists seeking to leave their organisations or tanzeems ask to be arrested to protect their families from reprisal or charges of treachery. The attack on Friday was likely to increase tensions between Sunni and Shia Muslims already at a high level following the February 22 blast at a Shia shrine in Samarra and reprisal killings. KVPS pointed out that though the barbers had no objection to provide service to Dalits they are afraid of reprisal by the forward castes. But in this exercise the fine line between equal and measured reprisal and irresponsible attack on the innocent gets blurred. Scores of unidentified bodies turn up around the capital on a daily basis many bound tortured and shot execution style in what officials say in an unwavering tide of reprisal sectarian killings. The report was on the tide of reprisal sectarian killings. The figure mentioned is for Baghdad alone as the text says.