replacement meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
replacement meaning in tamil is இரிவைப்பு

replacement meaning in tamil with example

replacement tamil meaning and more example for replacement will be given in tamil.
4 Quit smoking If one has resolved to make this the year that he stamp out his smoking habit overthecounter availability of nicotine replacement therapy now provides easier access to proven quitsmoking aids. But NASA also unveiled its replacement for the space shuttle a crew exploration vehicle at the centrepiece of a plan to get NASA back to the moon by 2020. When people realise that cloning is just forgoing a genetically mixed child for a twin of one parent and is not the resurrection of the soul or a source of replacement organs no one will want to do it. Govardhan is known for ilizarov technique joint replacement surgery and handling people suffering from complex trauma. The decision by AI management comes in the wake of a row over the replacement of AIs Xray machine at TACT. There will be no power supply in parts of Bellary city on January 7 and 10 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. following replacement of 11 kva lines near Havambhavi according to Ganesh Gowda Assistant Executive Engineer GESCOM City SubDivision II. Reports refuted The Chief Minister termed as rubbish reports in the media about replacement of Governor T.N. Chaturvedi. Promising to shorten hospital stay improve knee joint stability and cause fewer postoperative complications Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Friday announced installation of a surgical navigation system for total knee replacement surgery. Total knee replacement is an extremely successful way to treat patients suffering from severe knee pain and the new surgical navigation technology that we have in place greatly enhances our ability to restore a range of knee functions and return patients to normal activity said Dr.