repeated meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
repeated meaning in tamil is மேலும்

repeated meaning in tamil with example

repeated tamil meaning and more example for repeated will be given in tamil.
Dubolazova repeated her performance of the first two rounds recording her third successive clear round putting the Korean under pressure. Gianinos remarks call into question repeated assertions by the French Government and by SDIC the private company who acquired the Clemenceau for 100000 euros that altogether the ship contained no more than 160 tonnes of asbestos of which 115 tonnes have been removed. Following repeated complaints the Corporation had decided to set right the damaged areas and had dumped loads of gravels on the roadsides two weeks ago. Despite repeated requests the Corporation continued to dispose garbage in the dump that was located in the centre of the city. Other researchers should be able to repeat work done in computer science information technology and engineering in the same way in which research work in physics and other sciences could be repeated and verified. Another Rs. 2.4 crores had been allotted for building 1816 metres of seawall at Valanjavazhi and Kakkazham areas experiencing repeated tidal attacks. When repeated attempts to the KIADB and the Government to provide basic infrastructure did not materialize the captains of the industries decided to pool their resources in order to get on with business. This is not an isolated act. The Social Welfare Departments repeated plea to shift the schools to the Department of Education has fallen on deaf ears. Presence of the militants fleeing from Afghanistan has been the cause of repeated diplomatic rows between Kabul and Islamabad.