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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
repairs meaning in tamil is பழுது பார்த்தல், திருத்தம் செய்தல்

repairs meaning in tamil with example

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Sonai said approval had been accorded to carry out 119 works relating to repairs of roads and water resources at a cost of Rs.33.31 lakh to be taken from Pudukottai Gandarvakottai Manmelkudi Aranthangi and Thiruvarangulam panchayat union funds. The bank has suggested improvements to water treatment plants and repairs of transmission mains and pumping machinery in Kollam and rejuvenation of trunk water transmissions in Kochi and transmission mains and pumping machinery in Thrissur. While the officials maintain that upkeep of the causeway is the responsibility of the contractor till the bridge work is completed the refrain of the latter is that the State Government has to undertake repairs of the causeway since it was damaged by the floods. In association with My TVS a unit of the renowned T.V.Sundaram Iyenger and Sons it has started attending to minor repairs of all classes of vehicles bringing pilgrims to Sabarimala free of cost. Repairs needed According to president of Water Users Association of Darpalli village Shaik Reddy timely repairs to canals would have helped the lands along the ninekm stretch of the right canal. There will be no water supply in some areas in the city on Saturday due to emergency repairs to the Thatipudi pipeline at Railway New Colony. Giving the details the Collector said under the Indira Memorial Housing Scheme for construction of new houses and carrying out repairs to tiled houses Rs. On the Bhogi day cleaning and undertaking of repairs to community property and cleaning of villages would be taken up.