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But it is clear like daylight that there were irregularities in the Panniyar Chengulam and Pallivasal renovation project he said. The achievements of Kozhikode Corporation during the year included the renovation of Tagore Centenary theatre opening of the Corporation Stadium after seven years declaring the city litterfree and launching of kiosks at hospitals for registration of births and deaths. The Government had taken a surprising stand that the State had suffered no loss in the deal for renovation of power stations when the debate so far was on who was responsible for the loss. The compound wall of the SIDCO will be demolished in a couple of days. He said the cost of relocation of the SIDCO office and renovation of the alternative building would be borne by the National Highways Authority of India. Reddy said that he would inspect the progress of road renovation work regularly to expedite completion of some of the important roads. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje inaugurated the tennis and badminton courts after their renovation on the New Years Day on Sunday in the presence of her Cabinet colleagues. Later it was postponed twice due to confusion regarding completion of road renovation works and visit of the Chief Minister. Meanwhile in Germany a project is under way to make 300000 apartments energy efficient under a renovation scheme. The library renovation programme organised by the State Education Department has collected 257365 books in the district. It provided assistance for a number of activities such as establishing greenhouses creation of new farms and renovation of existing farms.