rendezvous meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rendezvous meaning in tamil is சந்திக்கும் இடம்

rendezvous meaning in tamil with example

rendezvous tamil meaning and more example for rendezvous will be given in tamil.
The park once a zone people avoided has become a rendezvous point for a number of people as the long row of twowheelers parked at the entrance testify. The police took the stand that wayside joints were the rendezvous of criminals where they hatched their plan. Bindu then asked Shiva to come to a rendezvous near Timmareddigudem in Vemulapally mandal on March 24. Losing no time the Special Cell sharpshooters positioned themselves around the rendezvous point and at 920 p.m. they spotted the vehicle near Gate No.1 of the stadium. Thirtyfive pictures captured from various places in Kasaragod Kannur Kozhikode Wayanad Malappuram and Palakkad districts are on display at the Sterling Rendezvous de Art on Railway Station Link Road in Kozhikode city. Coast Guard vessel Kasturba Gandhi made a rendezvous with the boat within an hour of the message being received. Creative rendezvous Institute of Design announced artbased course aimed at those employed and aiming to follow creative pursuits. B.U. Mahesh Salem T.N. Irwin became an icon because of his fearless rendezvous with dangerous animals and reptiles. Abounding in shadegiving trees the zoo provides an ideal rendezvous for picnickers during the Karteekamasam to eat in groups and watch the animals in captivity. Later he had a rendezvous with an Italian academic Mario Scaramella at the Itsu sushi bar near Piccadilly Circus to discuss documentation concerning the murder in Moscow last month of Politkovskaya. An obscure village suddenly saw scores of media persons descending on it turning the place into a rendezvous for families searching for their loved ones.