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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
remuneration meaning in tamil is ஊதியம்

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Venu Govindkumar said during the talks they held with the Pay Commission here on Thursday that they were getting lower remuneration than their counterparts in Central services and in the services of other State Governments. The association also demanded that headmasters who were also chief superintendents should not be deputed to other schools during public examinations and urged the Government to pay at least a minimum of Rs.100 as remuneration fee. From now remuneration for evaluating answer scripts of openschool examinations will be Rs.2.50 each as against Rs.1.50 now. They alleged that the remuneration given to guest lecturers has not been raised since the past six years though their workload has increased owing to introduction of the semester system. She said the Vice Chancellor has assured them that the remuneration will be increased from the next academic year and service certificates will be issued to them immediately. Also in countries like the U.S. senior managers often had their remuneration linked to the price of the companys stock and thus had a vested interest in boosting the profit figure through aggressive earnings management or simply put fraud. Moreover there are difficulties for handloom products to be marketed in the district as the wages provided by the primary weavers cooperative societies to its members are not attractive which results in shifting of jobs for better remuneration by its members. The CITU leader demanded that the Centre ensure effective enforcement of laws relating to equal remuneration for equal work maternity benefits and minimum wages.