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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
removed meaning in tamil is அகற்று

removed meaning in tamil with example

removed tamil meaning and more example for removed will be given in tamil.
Mills who bowled tidily in two spells removed dangermen Sanath Jayasuriya Marvan Atapattu and Russel Arnold. Baswa Reddy who was the ZP chairman was removed from office through a G.O. following allegations of misappropriation of funds earmarked for development. A lot more than 115 tonnes could have been removed without damaging the structure or the seaworthiness of the ship. Velladorai said the salesmen in association with the supervisor at the Adhikaripatti TASMAC shop removed the cap from an IMFL bottle using big needles without damaging the seal and excise label and sucked half of the liquor and filled the bottle with water. It is high time that the authorities removed encroachments along this route which cause heavy traffic congestion during peak hours. All of the concerns about contaminating proteins in existing stem cell lines can essentially be removed using this medium said Tenneille Ludwig a University of WisconsinMadison scientist working at WiCell the company which led the effort to develop the new culture medium. The French authorities and the SDIC the private company that acquired the Clemenceau for scrap deny these allegations saying the Clemenceau had an estimated 160 tonnes of asbestos aboard of which they have removed 115 tonnes. Other sources including the French company Technopure that removed 70 tonnes of asbestos from the ship say the ship has been allowed to leave for India with huge quantities of asbestos upwards of 500 tonnes that could easily have been removed without damaging the ships structure or navigability.