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The Environmental Science Department of the Gulbarga University will organise a shortterm course on Basics of Geoinformatics for teachers from January 2 to 25 in the newly established Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Facility on the main campus of the university. Behera Group Director Water Resources and Oceanography National Remote Sensing Agency in Hyderabad and Vice Chancellor of Gulbarga University V.B. Coutinho will preside over the function. The remote sensing and geographic information system facility is sponsored by ISRO and the National Natural Resources Management System. This may involve storing fingerprints of all remote voters who wish to use this option and this can be indicated on the electoral rolls. Prospective voters who opt for remote voting are also likely to be people who dont always reside in a locality for reasons of work and a soft target for proxy voters Mr. The advantage of this remote voting system was that it might need only nominal investment as the infrastructure already existed and only needed to be adapted for this use he said. The links with banks post offices or other remote voting centres would be the additional facility needed. If a remote voting option is offered such persons can also exercise their democratic rights he said. The problem gets compounded for adolescents living in remote rural and tribal areas and not pursuing school education as they continue to remain at the periphery of the health and development scenario.