remedy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
remedy meaning in tamil is தீர்வு

remedy meaning in tamil with example

remedy tamil meaning and more example for remedy will be given in tamil.
Arunachalam Kumar and his associate Dr. M.B. Abhishek of Mangalore say they have found a simple remedy to ward off controversies over runout decisions. In contrast to the shattered mental state of Arjuna Lord Krishnas calm response resembled that of a doctor who is confident of his diagnosis and the efficacy of the remedy at hand pointed out Swami Dheerananda in a discourse. While the MPs legal remedy is threatened under parliamentary privileges political masters have denied natural justice in the Bofors case. To remedy this India must draw inspiration from Hindu culture that survived the most adverse circumstances he said. The only remedy available against such corruption lies with Parliament itself and it is the exercise of this power that has now come under challenge. According to Madhu Yaskhi the speech should be an eyeopener to those senior leaders who were indifferent to suggestions to remedy organisational shortcomings. Chopras suggestions for electoral reform to remedy this state of misgovernance are unlikely to be adequate to effect the radical farreaching changes that are required. Kalari marma treatment is an effective remedy for cervical and lumbar disc problems such as spondylitis disc prolapse and nerve problems including sciatica paralysis etc. P.N.V. Ramana Babu Tirupati All in the family History has shown that sons and sonsinlaw are the right remedy to cure the ambitious rulers and politicians. Being a government guaranteed scheme the beneficiaries could even seek legal remedy in case of any default on the part of the officials.