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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Gold reserves and Special Drawing Rights SDRs remained static at 4.925 billion and 5 million respectively it added. Prashant Ruia Managing Director Essar Steel said Steel demand remained firm throughout the year. Staffs contention The staff of the agency closed doors and remained inside their office due to their inability to face the angry mob. For all the universality of football for all the images of kids deftly dribbling tin cans in raucous side streets across the planet the cup has remained the domain of Europe and South America. While on New Years Eve the trains remained crowded with mostly revellers many said it would be a boon for those who have to travel from West Delhi to East Delhi and viceversa as the travel time stands greatly reduced. According to reports reaching here two persons died of biting cold in Chandauli and one each in Jaunpur and Sultanpur which also remained the coldest place in the state recording minimum temperature of six degrees Celsius. Having remained associated and deeply involved in the business of conserving the environment Vivek says that the challenges in the area today have undergone a series of change. It is not even that he was totally without faults and flaws yet he remained the only leader from the Right of the political spectrum to acquire an allIndia persona. Sick However the calf failed to develop immunity and remained sick ever since it was shifted to the zoo. Similarly all stations particularly Dwarka and Dwarka Mor on the new section also remained chockablock as revellers jostled to board the Metro.